The Biggest Fear Every Working Actor Must Overcome

To be a successful actor you must overcome the fear of boundless rejection: not being good enough, beautiful enough, talented enough, etc. At the actor’s emotional core is the profound human need to be seen and loved. Part of paying your dues in this business—both Oscar winner and beginner—is the reality of constant rejection throughout your career. The look on Leonardo DiCaprio’s face at the 86th Academy Awards after his fifth Oscar nomination for “The Wolf of Wall Street” resulted in a loss shows you that no one is immune to rejection. Not everyone is built to endure this, nor do they have the stamina to last for the long game. I believe this fear of rejection—both in the audition and on set—can be defeated when you’re on the support of a brave and impactful choice. Not being afraid to look like an asshole or a freak and adopting the attitude, “Anyone who doesn’t like me can kiss my ass!” can also fortify you with enough confidence to burn through the fog of fear.

This article was originally posted on Backstage