The First Thing Every Brand New Actor Should Do

The first thing every new actor should do is to assess whether you truly love acting. Ask yourself if you have a passion for the process of breaking down text and constructing a character, or whether you’re just doing it to win some kind of perverse lottery.

I have many clients who truly love the craft and process of acting. These are actors who will perform to audiences of six, and will accept one-line roles in student projects and thank the director genuinely for the opportunity.

Then, there are actors who refuse to audition for small parts because they have it stuck in their heads that being a star is their top priority. Grandstanding is their only concern. Money and fame are always the most important goals for these types, and it trumps everything else for them.

If you’re new to acting, I invite you to thoughtfully consider which type of actor you are, and examine whether or not you truly love acting before throwing yourself into the thorny field of this industry.

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This article was originally posted on Backstage