The Skill That Makes Actors More Castable

To stand out, actors must possess the skill of tenacity—this simple cultivable skill is what sets successful actors apart from the “American Idol” masses. Tenacious actors know that major success is a direct result of writing, directing, and producing their own projects. In so doing, they actively cultivate a fan base via social media and email marketing. This level of grit actually makes you more attractive, castable, and valuable to production teams. A client of mine, Karla Solarte, grew an outstanding viewership for her innovative and original YouTube channel, which eventually caught the attention of ABC, who signed her to a year-long holding deal to compete for every major pilot—and Kevin Costner’s manager who now reps her.

Growing a fan base and knowing how to strategically market yourself in this industry not only makes you more attractive to production, it also allows you to create more opportunities for yourself. At our studio, we love helping actors to develop the charismatic tenacity required to stand out to a production team, and to launch their careers.

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This article was originally posted on Backstage