Launch Your Career Program
Module 1

For the first time ever, Joseph offers "Module 1" of his career-launching session free.



  • Learn to market yourself like a celebrity.

  • The secret to how we helped 12 clients land Series Leads this year.

  • Build a career-launching relationship with a major producer in under 60 seconds.

  • Get a career-launching game plan that delivers instant results.

  • Exclusive access to branding that gets you the job.

  • The secret to building game-changing relationships with top directors, writers, producers, and casting directors.

  • Get insider secrets from the industry's top movers and shakers.

  • See what actually works, and what doesn’t.

Friday, December 1st
12:00pm - 1pm

via webinar

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"Joseph Pearlman approaches the craft of performing in an entirely unique way, by focusing on the inner voices of characters and freeing the performer, he quickly finds the heartbeat of a performance. No time is wasted, he is an excellent teacher."  
—Zooey Deschanel  
(New Girl)


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"Joseph's top-notch! He has surgical precision when it comes to working out kinks or blocks in a scene. His fun-loving approach to acting is contagious and he creates a very supportive environment. Very glad I had the opportunity to study with him..."
—Alex MacNicoll
(Transparent, 13 Reasons Why)


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“Joseph Pearlman has been an invaluable resource for me. Since going to Joseph, auditions have been FUN again. He's the best."  
—Michael Welch
(The Twilight Saga)





"Working with Joseph has liberated me of my fear of this thing I love most. He's allowed me to discover that I have so much more ability than I realized... Joseph will improve you with a smile on his face, energy that will drive, and fun to match."
—Eugene Simon 
(Game of Thrones)


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"I have not experienced confidence and clarity like this from any other acting work, ever. Joseph is immeasurably generous and supportive wherever you are in your journey. All other acting work now feels like drivers ed; this is rocket fuel."
—Marvin Avila
(Broad City, Ugly Betty)


"I am happy to have been introduced to Joseph Pearlman. He’s a game/life changer—from the inside out."
—Elaine Hendrix
(Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll)