SAG-AFTRA Fall Workshop

Launch Your Career & Reach Oscar Potential

Description: Launch your career and supercharge your audition rate to compete for EVERY role you’re right for—leap from 0-6 major film/TV auditions per year to 50+!

Reach your Oscar potential—select attendees will coach one-on-one with Joseph Pearlman on currently casting major film and TV auditions to reach their booked-role potential and experience an undeniable ACTING BREAKTHROUGH and transformation! For beginners, working professionals and celebrity actors. 

Event Date: November 16, 2018  |  Event Time: 12:00pm-3:00pm





How To Be Your Own Badass Publicist At A Fraction Of The Cost

Description: Go behind-the-scenes of how publicists do what they do and learn how you can do it on your own with a fraction of the budget.

Join Joseph LIVE and get winning strategy to have the best booking year ever—on your own terms.

Event Date: TBD  |  Event Time: TBD



Launch Your Career Program LIVE EVENT

For the first time ever, Joseph offers his most popular and most valuable session LIVE! 


Joseph will help you launch your acting career and supercharge your audition rate to compete for EVERY role you’re right for—leap from just a few major film/TV auditions per year to 50+!

Tools provided to you in this program will deliver results for the rest of your career. 

Event Date: March 4th, 2016  |  Event Time: 12pm to 3pm  

Event Location: Exclusive Casting Studios, 7700 W. Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90046


1. Get Your Career on Track

Extensive portfolio makeover (headshot, resume, reel, etc.). Learn to compete for the role, not the audition. Define your career dreams, and get clear about what’s working, and what’s not working.


2.  Get Noticed Faster

Discover your acting "Singularity"—the unique fingerprint of personality you leave on your performance. It’s what makes you memorable and wins the role!


3.  Become a Hollywood Insider

Learn how to build and maintain game-changing relationships with major directors, writers, and producers. Learn to market yourself like a celebrity, craft unique bullet-proof phone/email dialogue to pitch yourself for every role you’re right for. Get exclusive insider access to production schedules and casting. Learn where to find currently casting major film & TV sides.


4.  The Next Step

Edit and update your Career Workbook provided by Joseph—your forever career map!


"I am happy to have been introduced to Joseph Pearlman… His technique and his passion are just what I needed to reignite my own inspiration for the art of acting and the business of entertainment. He’s a game/life changer—from the inside out." —Elaine Hendrix (series lead - FX Networks “Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll”)