Joseph helps actors launch careers faster and reach Oscar potential on set. He helped 15 clients land Series Leads in major TV shows this year alone.

With the highest percentage of client booked roles in the industry, Joseph helps you guarantee an audition win every time you walk into the room.

  • Joseph's helped 15 clients land Series Leads in major TV shows this year.

  • Learn how to launch your career faster.

  • Book a Series Lead before it goes to casting.

  • Supercharge your audition rate to compete for every major role you’re right for.

  • Guarantee an audition win every time.


Joseph helped 15 clients land series leads this year.

  • Naoki Kobayashi won the lead in Ridley Scott’s new Netflix feature, “The Earthquake Bird.

  • Dan Gura booked a series regular on NBC's hit show "Superstore" after Joseph helped him build a game changing relationship with executive producer Jason Spitzer.

  • Lara Pezza booked 12 major film/TV roles in the last year without reps as a result of her work with Joseph—including Michelle Williams' new film "I Feel Pretty."

  • Elaine Hendrix landed her second series lead in two years (FX Network's "Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll") as a result of her work with Joseph.

  • Chhaya Nene booked 9 national commercials within eight months as result of her work with Joseph.

  • Kayla Nash built a career-changing relationship with legendary feature director Jeff Nichols (Mud, Midnight Special, etc.).

  • And many more...


Joseph will help you launch your acting career and supercharge your audition rate to compete for every role you’re right for. Tools provided to you in this program will deliver results for the rest of your career. 

  • Get Your Career on Track

  • Get Noticed Faster

  • Become a Hollywood Insider

  • Leap from just a few major film/TV auditions per year to 50+


Module 1: “Compete for The Role, Not The Audition” 
Getting real and separating fact from fiction. Learn to compete for the role, not the audition. Define your career dreams, and get clear about what’s working, and what’s not working.

Module 2: “Branding: Your WOW Factor”
Learn to market yourself like a celebrity. Discover your acting "Singularity"—the unique fingerprint of personality you leave on your performance. It’s what makes you memorable and wins the role!

Module 3: “Your Portfolio”
Extensive portfolio makeover (headshot, resume, reel, etc.).

Module 4: “The Game-Changer”
Learn how to build and maintain game-changing relationships with major directors, writers, and producers. Craft unique bullet-proof phone/email dialogue to pitch yourself for every role you’re right for. Get exclusive insider access to production schedules and casting.


Discover how to have your best booking year ever, on your own terms.


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"I use the tools and motivation Joseph has taught me on a daily basis to help shape my future in this business.”
—Dan Gura (NBC's "Superstore")