"Joseph Pearlman approaches the craft of performing in an entirely unique way, by focusing on the inner voices of characters and freeing the performer, he quickly finds the heartbeat of a performance. No time is wasted, he is an excellent teacher."  
—Zooey Deschanel (New Girl)


"Working with Joseph has liberated me of my fear of this thing I love most. He's allowed me to discover that in exploring a role and script, and then taking that deep breath and trying to bring it to life, I have so much more ability than I realized, to be able to do it with skill, effectiveness and confidence, but also with ease and fun. Fun is so undervalued in all this because everyone is dying to be taken ultra seriously, Joseph will improve you with a smile on his face, energy that will drive, and fun to match."
—Eugene Simon (Game of Thrones)


"Joseph's top-notch! He has surgical precision when it comes to working out kinks or blocks in a scene. His fun-loving approach to acting is contagious and he creates a very supportive environment...it's nearly impossible to be in a bad mood around him. Very glad I had the opportunity to study with him..."
—Alex MacNicoll (Transparent, 13 Reasons Why)

Marvin Avila.jpg

"Make no mistake: I have not experienced confidence and clarity like this from any other acting work, ever. Any first-time student of Joseph's is unlikely to have undergone a process like his: organic, tailor-suited for every individual, with a simplicity that efficiently permeates the subconscious and inspires surprising, exciting choices. This is Stanislavsky meets Tony Robbins, with a dash of Oprah and side order of Buddhism -- and somehow feels as natural as texting with your best friend. To top it off, Joseph is immeasurably generous and supportive wherever you are in your journey. 

Ultimately, Joseph takes acting out of the vacuum of "studio technique" that makes so many actors -- myself included -- become paralyzed, confused, and frustrated. The result? You are more present, lit up, and most importantly, out of your own way. All other acting work now feels like drivers ed; this is rocket fuel."
—Marvin Avila (Broad City, Ugly Betty)


“Joseph Pearlman has been an invaluable resource for me. His approach centers around exploring and utilizing what it is unique, interesting, and fun about YOU as a person and artist.  Characters are built and expressed viscerally, physically—emotional reactions are genuine, coming from a truly detailed building of relationships, perspective, and the world of your character that fit with YOUR personal sensibilities. It’s not heady and linear preparation, which is what makes most acting classes feel like schoolwork. It’s fun! Since going to Joseph, auditions have been FUN again. He's the best."  
—Michael Welch (The Twilight Saga)

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"The skills I learned from Joseph transcend the stage and filter into all of the aspects of life beyond the theater. His 'organic' approach to teaching the art of acting influenced me not only as a performer, but also, and maybe more significantly, as a person. Is he an acting coach? Yes. Is it therapy? Maybe. If it IS therapy, he should be charging way more!"
—Skylar Grey (five-time Grammy nominated singer)


"I am happy to have been introduced to Joseph Pearlman… His technique and his passion are just what I needed to reignite my own inspiration for the art of acting and the business of entertainment. He’s a game/life changer—from the inside out."
—Elaine Hendrix (Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll)


"I am so excited to have found Joseph — he was immediately able to help me tap into myself on a level I never have before in a very simple and fun way. I can't wait to do more and more work with him, and stay on this incredible new-found path of self-discovery, becoming the best 'me' and performer possible. Thank you Joseph!"
—Chantal Kreviazuk (International pop star)


"Joseph is an extraordinary coach and human being. He has helped me travel deep into myself to bring characters I never even knew existed to life in such authentic and palpable ways that I could never have planned for or imagined. Thank you so much, Joseph."
—Karen Strassman (Silicon Valley, The Spectacular Now)



“Working with Joseph has changed my craft in so many ways.  What's made the most impact on me is his ability to make acting fun and easy.  He asks the right questions that give you a stand out character that's unique to you, every time. His work always feels honest and authentic.”
—Lindsey McKeon (One Tree Hill)



“Joseph's coaching allowed me to anchor my speeches and lectures from within. I now own what I say, and it is genuine. I become one with what I deliver. I leave a tip with my audience, simple as it may be. In my latest interview, people remembered this hero: a mother walking three weeks to come to the MSF clinic, braving intimidation, violence and fear for her life and the lives of her children. They remembered my heartfelt story, and therefore remembered me. I know this is a work in progress, and I look forward to continue using what I’ve learned from Joseph. Joseph's teachings stayed with me throughout my Presidential campaign and even today, Joseph's words echo back to me minutes before every interview.”
—Dr. Joanne Liu (President of Doctors Without Borders MSF)

DayciBrookshire (1) (1).jpg

“Joseph Pearlman is in a class all his own. As someone who has had countless acting teachers, I can honestly say Joseph is the one I would return to again and again to feel at the top of my game when prepping auditions and booked roles. His approach is refreshing, honest, real and, at times, absolutely hilarious. I always wanted someone who helped me bring ME to my characters—not the other way around. He helps one be completely present in his/her work, not bogged down by endless hours of script analysis or playing a guessing game of what the creative team wants. In fact he encourages you to show them what they want, which I absolutely adore. Most recently, I had an audition for a new Netflix show that wanted someone who was against my type and wasn’t even the same ethnicity as me. I heard Joseph’s voice in my head and thought, no, I’m what you want and I’m going to show you. Several callbacks later and I booked it! The confidence Joseph instills in actors is priceless and I am forever grateful to have him as a cheerleader, mentor, and friend.”
—Dayci Brookshire (The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants, Home: Adventures With Tip & Oh)


“Working with Joseph Pearlman over the past few years has not only improved my performance level, but also my confidence level when walking into major studio rooms. Without the years working with Joseph, I would have never had the confidence to be tested for major roles, or would have been able to land a role working with my childhood hero, all booked without representation!”
—Lara Pezza (SMILF, I Feel Pretty)


“Working with Joseph has made the process FUN again! He’s helped me take everything out of my head and put it all in my body. I’ve never laughed so much and felt so much joy about acting than when I’m prepping with Joseph.”
—Alex Aschinger (actor, writer, producer)


"I was surprised at how friendly and supportive the atmosphere in class was…it has helped me to get rid of my fear of acting, and showed me not just how to act, but how to channel feelings and emotions in a way that effects change. I have learned many things about myself, done justice to the roles I'm working on, and gained confidence. I could feel a breakthrough after every class!"
—Sasha Spilberg (YouTube star, actor)

Shellye Broughton.jpg

“After decades of earning my living as a working actress, I felt stale. I was searching for something to unleash and expand my joy in my work. Then, I found Joseph. His enthusiasm for the craft of acting, his love of the individual nuances that create our best work, and his encouragement to ‘have fun and just be yourself’ has resonated with me in every step of my new acting career. I've become bolder, better and braver in my choices. I'm profoundly changed by the work, and my approach to it, because of Joseph Pearlman.”
—Shellye Broughton (The Cosby Show, Malcolm X)


“Joseph Pearlman empowers actors to perform at their highest level. His method of teaching allows the actor to be totally present in the work (by bypassing the intellectual trappings of a conventional scene study approach that can lead to over thinking and self-doubt). To work with Joseph is a liberating experience for actors. To watch an actor coached by Joseph is to see a performance that is organic, spontaneous and nuanced. As a coach/teacher, Joseph is selfless and laser-focused at helping the actor succeed.”
—Hugh Scott (Deadpool, The Fosters)


“Doing the career work with Joseph has equipped me with the knowledge and tools to have more of a hands on approach with my acting career. I feel much more in control because of it. No more waiting and wondering; there is always more that can be done and I now have the direction. This is next level stuff for sure and it’s something that will grow your confidence in all areas beyond your career, if you really apply it.”
—Miles Burris (4 years starting linebacker for the Oakland Raiders, Code Black, Teachers)


"The crazy thing I learned in Joseph's class from both him and watching other studio members is that after the initial work is done on a piece, I don't have to do anything to deliver a captivating performance. It's literally knowing the preparation is in me, trusting myself and not thinking about it from that point forward. It's so freeing because I no longer have to try to be good, or try to make strong choices. Everything just seems to happen effortlessly."
—Tom Lind (The Bold and the Beautiful)


"I consider myself lucky to have Joseph Pearlman as my acting coach. He gave me strength and confidence when acting. His unique teaching method has an ability to make you understand the character on a very deep level mentally and physically." 
—Lucine Fyelon (Singer/Songwriter/Violinist)


"Joseph brings out the best in me and other actors.  He is positive, encouraging, and knows how to use the actor and their own strengths to give our fullest richest performance.  He is able to help actors take their work to that next level in a relaxed atmosphere where you see a change in your acting in a very short time. It is a wonderful experience working with Joseph. I would recommend his teaching to anyone!”
—Ellen Dubin (Gemini Nominated Actor)  


"Joseph Pearlman's presence in every class, week after week, is loaded with passion, skill & honesty which makes his class a rare find in LaLa Land a.k.a Hollywood. I have been a student 3 months in his Master Class. Not only is it the most fun I've had in any class, it's also where I have developed specific acting techniques, specific ways to prepare for auditions, scene study, but more importantly, Joseph gave me the permission to be MYSELF ALL THE WAY. That permission has taken my auditions to a higher level. Bottom line, signing up for your Thursday class was an extremely GOOD CAREER decision!!!!"
—Tisha French (The Purge)


"Joseph Pearlman's practical yet distinctive method has given me the assurance to take my craft to another level. It is extremely refreshing to work with a coach who is not only enthusiastic about his actor's careers, but also inspiring. He challenges each and every client to be their absolute best with no exception."
—Dani Lennon (Bite Me)


"I have known Joseph for quite a while. As an international director, I've seen many acting coaches in my career. Joseph sees and knows how to valorize the inner potential of his students. It's a great gift and definitely a professional advantage for an actor's development."
—Fernando Scarpa (Award-winning international Producer, Director, Writer)


"Joseph is my favorite teacher because there aren't any corny exercises, just straight efficient work."
—Samantha Lockwood (Actor, Writer, Producer)



"Joseph is extremely supportive and sincerely invested in all of his careers. I leave every session with him inspired and excited. Joseph has unclouded my ‘actors head’ and I am once again enjoying the process."
—Kathy Wagner (Actor, Producer)


"Joseph's astute dramaturgy and keen eye allows him to quickly strip muted performances of technical clutter. Indicating and pushing is swept to the wayside in favor of simplicity and truth, revealing a rich and memorable essence unique to the actor who becomes fully alive in imaginary circumstances."
—Graham Clarke (Modern Family)


"Ever since I started working with Joseph I noticed an instant change in my acting. Joseph has been an awesome Co-Pilot for my career, he completely revolutionized my acting."
—Maddie McGuire (Actor, Producer, Writer)


"I've never worked with a coach before who got so into the process with me. Joseph gets excited, invested and on board with each client he coaches. Its inspiring, and has me yearning for more. His style of coaching and approach to the work is INFECTIOUS! I love Joseph and his approach. It's all about the hook!"
—Jen LaForte (Actor)


"Joseph Pearlman is an insightful, supportive, and brilliant teacher and audition coach. He also provided me with excellent coaching on a role I had, and it turned out to be some of my best work. He is extremely intuitive, generous, and a pleasure to work with."
—Josh Mann (Actor, Writer, Producer)


"Joseph Pearlman's technique and approach of working with actors is fascinating. His enthusiasm, passion and kindness create a supportive environment in which actors are able to explore and transform in. Joseph has helped me to direct actors in a whole new way. I will not only use him on my sets but will recommend him to anybody that can use a good acting coach."
—Michael Thelin (Producer/Director)


“Connecting with Joseph Pearlman has been a true a gift for me. Upon attending his class from day one, we went to work! I was pushed in ways that I needed and wanted. I have not only developed more as an actor but as a person as I bring my true essence to the roles I have performed not only in class but now auditioning more then I ever had. To have someone believe in you, only want the best out every performance and who does not quit until we get there….that’s Joseph and that’s….priceless!”
—Ally Holmes (Actor)