Boost your chance of booking the role when you’re featured at your best. You'll leave the room with your strongest performance on tape, ready to email to casting or reps.

With 95+ clients booking major film & TV roles in the last year, Joseph Pearlman has the highest booking rate in the industry.

A one-hour session is for one audition only (1-5 pages of sides, 1-3 scenes). Extended sides are subject to a higher rate.



Joseph will coach you to your “booked role potential.”

With the highest percentage of client booked roles in the industry—95+ this year alone—Joseph helps you to make the fun, brave, and impactful choices to go into the audition room and win the role.

Limited to one role/one audition per session.



PRIVATE COACHING: Extended Session

An extended session is perfect for booked roles or longer audition sides.

You’ll reach your Oscar Potential and leave the room with a clear and fun way of nailing the role/audition so it’s on the tips of your fingers, ready for on-set or audition success!