What Are Some Qualities of Successful Working Actors?

One of the most pervasive qualities of successful working actors is that they play well with others and they’re able to make genuine connections with everyone on set. They’re truly good people. They handle themselves with grace and decorum at all times and they have the courage to bring their personalities to every role. This is a business that attracts a lot of difficult people, and sometimes rewards people for being difficult. Those rewards have a very short shelf life. Be one of the actors who is a joy to be around and you’re setting yourself up to win. 

The second quality is a combination of optimism and tenacity. These actors understand that this business has an ebb and flow. They are able to ride the highs and lows without having their faith and confidence in themselves shaken. This is staying power. 

The final quality is talent. These actors who work consistently are talented; they know how to make the fun and impactful choices that consistently win them the role. We help actors launch their careers by empowering them to use their personalities to book every role for which they’re right.

This article was originally posted on Backstage