What’s the Best Advice an Actor Has Given You?

One of my celebrity clients recounted an audition experience reading for a major TV role. She felt her first read was OK, and then asked to go again. Instead of standing by her work, she gave away some of her power by asking for an additional read. When you ask to go again, you’re telling the whole room that according to you, the first read could’ve been better. This act of second-guessing is something many of us suffer from. Actors want to be open to direction and always do their very best, but there comes a point when you need to trust your instincts, deliver the work you prepared, and let it go. Trust yourself and others will trust you. Act as though you don’t trust yourself, and no one will. Oftentimes, your first read is incredibly moving and your best work. Thus, don’t judge yourself when you are in the room. Ever. Stand behind your personality and brave choices. Since adopting this attitude, my client is now starring on her own FX series.
This article was originally posted on Backstage