Tips for Where to Begin Your Acting Career

Find an acting class where you can get up and work every week. Here’s a link to my article “6 Red Flags When Auditing Acting Classes”. At my studio, every actor leaves every class having experienced an undeniable acting breakthrough. 

Reject the herd mentality and stop listening to what other actors are telling you to do. Reject the absurdly stale notions of “type” and “niche,” as they only serve to box you in and stifle your originality. There is no one-size-fits-all path to an important acting career—you must forge your own career path and create your own acting opportunities.

Embrace your personality; it’s your secret weapon and greatest asset as an actor.

See the timeless movies and TV shows that shaped this business. This is a new golden age of TV and you must take the time to watch all the groundbreaking new projects so you can be knowledgeable about where you fit in. 

And stop looking for representation! Most actors think having an agent or manager is a magic pill. It’s not. Having representation can lull you into the false notion that you’re being pitched for every role you’re right for. Trust me, you’re not. Nothing meaningful will ever just fall into your lap. You must be pleasantly persistent and tenacious in always creating your own work and in building and maintaining relationships with industry professionals.

This article was originally posted on Backstage