What Should Actors Wear to Auditions?

Actors should present a “clean canvas” when auditioning. Trying to impress or glamming it up reeks of desperation and trying too hard, and should be avoided as it can shut you out of contention the moment you walk into the room. Never forget the first rule of the audition: Don’t try to guess what they are looking for, assume you are who they’re looking for, and bring yourself to the role with brave and fun choices.

Reading all audition instructions is paramount. If it doesn’t say to dress like a cop, don’t dress like a cop—be a cop! My recommendation is to dress for confidence, like you’re going out on an exciting date with the intention of trying not to over impress. Bottom line: Your audition wardrobe should be an attempt to magnify your inner beauty and charisma,    not distract from it.                                                                                                                                                                                  

This article was originally posted on Backstage