How Do Actors Find Agents?

If you want top-notch representation you must stop pursuing them, as the most effective agents and managers in the industry are the ones that will find you. How? By you putting something exciting on the table: building credits on your own, knowing the right way to pitch yourself for every role you’re right for, creating original content and getting as many eyeballs on it as you can, building and maintaining relationships with writers, directors, and producers (the ones that actually cast you), and having a clear grip on your branding (not to be confused with niche/type—the lowbrow version of this).

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At the end of the day, agent/manager relationships are a lot like dating—desperation and overeagerness can be quite unattractive. The most exciting and rewarding partnerships are those in which both parties are equally interested and excited about what the other is contributing.

This article was originally posted on Backstage